Pet Peeves with Spell Check

November 06, 2009

Okay, when I am writing, spell check sometimes gets on my nerves.  It’s like an ex-boyfriend on facebook, you want to delete their ass but you hate to miss out on learning something miserable about his life.

So I will continue to tolerate the following because I need spell check, but I don’t like it:

5.  When I write in quotes, could you please not inform me that its an incomplete sentence?  It’s a conversation; people don’t talk in complete sentences.

4. Upgrade your damn dictionary already, I spelled it right, you have a limited capacity.  Kind of like the above mentioned “ex.”

3.  Seriously, where did you learn phonics?  I know I am a horrible speller but I’ve tried three different spellings and you still don’t know what the heck I’m trying to say.  It’s a word I know it is!

2. When did the powers that be combine the words can not?  I can not put them together.  I will not put them together (until I have to).  I hate them together and I refuse to put them together as one word (you didn’t ask me to put will not together).  So stop reminding me with the blue zig-zag already.

1.  Ain’t is a word, it ain’t proper English, its slang so stop oppressing it with the red zig-zag rick-rack underneath it.  You know, sometimes a country girl has just gotta be country and spell check just won’t let me be me.  Now gotta, that is not a word.  Finally we agree on something.

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  1. I've added a bunch of words to my dictionary, because I'm tired of spell check giving me grief. Like ain't, blowtard, and... wait for it... gotta. ;)

  2. I just left you a big long comment - but it disappeared. Maybe spell check ate it. Like your blog.

  3. I forgot about that Carrie. I switched to a laptop last CHristmas and I just need to man handle this spell check, let it know who's boss.

    Darn it Mary! **she snaps** Well it's the thought that counts It was there one minute and poof, gone the next. Story of my life.

  4. I just found your blog, but I'll be back for sure!

    I've gotten to the point with Spellcheck that I just ignore those green and red squiggles. Sometimes that's a bad thing because I have missed legitimate typos, but I'm writing ancient Egyptian stuff. All those names, gods, and cities are a mouthful and Spellcheck doesn't like them.

    Hehehe... Spellcheck also doesn't like Spellcheck- it's going to town with those red lines as we speak. Err... as I write.

    BTW- I love the layout of your blog too!

  5. Stephanie glad you found me. I think we should write an entire blog in text speak just to mess with Spellcheck. See you soon.

  6. I just found my way over, and I couldn't agree more! Spell check, grammar check, they all drive me nuts. Far too many squiggles. Makes my brain hurt.

  7. Anissa - the squiggles visually mess me up. lol, "my brain hurts" was my FB post last week. My ex thought he had something cute to say about that but I got the last laugh, delete, delete, delete. Ha Ha!

  8. Hey there! I came over via Natalie's blog! This is hilarious, yes spell check is a menace. I too have added words to the dictionary to stop the red squigglies, and what's with the autoformat?? Hey look at that- spell check don't like the word autoformat- go figure... LOL (wait. is that a word?)

    Like the blog- will be back :)


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