Get Real?

So I’m on the couch with Hubby.  We’re being forced to watch Sponge Bob by our captors; we will call them Offspring 1 and Offspring 2 (though I will not refer to them again in the post?)  Anyway, Hubby says to me, “Aren’t they under water?   Sooo, how can they have fire?  It’s just not realistic.”

Yes, I busted out laughing and followed up with, “Seriously we’re talking about a talking sponge that works as a fry cook and lives in a pineapple next door to a talking squid and starfish and you have a problem with the fire being realistic.”  More laughter followed to his dismay.   

Perturbed Hubby says, “You know what I mean.”  (No my husband’s name is not Hubby but work with me here)

Though I kind of knew what he meant, I took a moment longer to laugh at him.  So yesterday, I find myself having the same conversation with my MC, the love interest, not my POV MC.  He can do “special stuff” and I told him I want him to do his “special stuff” more often (ok, this is sounding dirty so let me clarify).  I got mad and Nick, my MC love interest, because he has abilities and he doesn’t use them enough.    Here’s the conversation:

Me: “Dude, you can do some really cool stuff.  DO you think you could use it more often in day to day life?”

Nick: “Why?”

“Because it’s cool.”


“Eh?  What do you mean you don’t like your powers?  Because now’s the time to bring it up, not six months from now when I querying agents.”

“No I like them, really like them but it seems corny when I use them.”  Nick whines.  (Let me tell you Nick never whines, so I have to listen.)   “It just doesn’t seem real.”

And then it hit me.  I get my husband’s point even better.  My YA novel has characters with special abilities, and sometimes I’m not sure how realistic they seem, considering they are made up people in my head with abilities that are not real.  You know where I’m going here. 

How do you know if your supernatural/paranormal characters sound cool on paper or cheesy?  I’ve gotta get my piece revised at least once and get it to a beta reader.  Maybe by the weekend I will have a couple of chapters cleaned up enough to feel comfortable about passing it off. 

Okay people, I’m out of here.  I have a busy next couple of days and a hungry kids and washing machine I need to feed so if I don’t get back quick enough, I apologize in advance.