Flashy Fiction Friday

November 20, 2009

It is almost 11pm here but still Friday.  So if you have not read my "Get Jacked on the Crack" post here is another Flashy Fiction shout out.

It's a sexy little blog where they give you phrases, quotes, picture prompts, whatever and you create the delicious little goodies to finish if off. (Check out their 411 before you post.)

This week I want to give a props to Scattercat.   Check out Scattercat's flashy fiction piece on the Three Word Prompt:  Dressing Cranberries Drunk.  (note Scattercat did not use the exact words but forms of them)  Good stuff peeps.

I posted a few this week but here is my favorite.  (I am passionate about native american indians.)
Tuesday Prompt

Neshwa Petweowas

Then there were two.
Their coats glistened from the rich summer bounty but not for long. Their chances to outlast the white winter were slim even with the blood of the ne-noth'tu. If they did defeat the harsh cold then maybe just maybe they could rebuild the pack. It was the work of the ka-tet that they found each other before the first snow fall. The last of their kind depended upon it.

And even in the most earnest of their fights the white snowy cold claimed their souls and put an end to the Shawnee Nation.

Shawnee Translation:
Neshwa Petweowas – Two Wolves
ne-noth'tu – warrior
ka-tet - fate or “Good Spirit”

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  1. As I said on the site, this is great. Plus, I think it's awesome that you did something so completely different from previous pieces. Great job.

  2. That's cool. I looked at those wolves and thought of New Moon instantly. Too much talk about it going on, me thinks. Nice piece!

  3. Thanks guys. I thought New Moon first too, maybe some funny spoof but I figured everyone probably thought the same thing so I tried to get creative. I love all things Native American.


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