Don't you hate it when...

November 18, 2009

…the car of the roller coaster you're riding comes flying off the rails and lands in the bushes.  So you get out of the coaster car to go complain to management and you end up having to go through the side bushes, down a Chicago back alley where you almost get mugged and through an office building where a seminar is in progress and out front to the Japanese restaurant where it all started.  And you realize, hey this isn't the same Japanese restaurant I got on this roller coaster, it's one of those chains.  Doh, I hate it when that happens!

If you're scratching your head well join the club.  This was the wacked out dream I had this morning.  It did get me to thinking; dreams are the subconscious manifestations of our worries.  (When they’re not about sparkly vampires and multimillion dollar books deals.)

At first I thought it was cool because I have been dreaming a lot more lately until I realized that dreaming means you're not getting a deep enough sleep. So, what did my dream symbolize?

One, the roller coaster, besides maybe Diane's blog is creeping into my, maybe, or I am  excited, obsessively excited with revising my WIP.  Like fixing all those pot holes I knew were there but kept trying to pretend they weren't.  The roller coaster symbolizes the wild ride I’m on while sometimes it can be exciting and fun it can also be scary.  (I just spelled scary with two r’s.  Are you sure Mr. Red Squiggle?  I thought…ok, whatever.)

Annnd we’re back.  Two, the dark Chicago alley (I don’t know why Chicago, I live in California and was born and raised in Tennessee.  Go figure.) represents the inner demon of self-doubt.  The doubt that constantly questions my ability, skill and reminds me that I am still just a squirrel, hanging out with a bunch of lions being a poser.  NOTE:  I made it through the back alley of my dream without getting mugged so maybe that is a good sign?

Three, the seminar I interrupted when I took a short cut from the back alley to the front street represents my burning desire to mingle with all the other lions, agents and what not in the business so I can pick some brains.  (not in the zombie sense)  And/Or it represents my equally strong desire to take a few writing classes.  Both I plan to do as soon as I find something in my neck of the woods (San Diego).

And lastly, the Japanese restaurant, besides being the secret entrance to all the really cool roller coaster rides, it represents my huge craving for sushi!  Man I haven’t had sushi in like ten days, I think I’m going into withdrawal.  Okay, you want something more philosophical right?  How about I feel lost, like I’m in a foreign country, when it comes to my writing.  .  .  .Nah, I want sushi.

So now your turn, give me your best “Don’t you hate it when fill in blank?”  or Tell me about your wacky dream that you related back to your writing.  (Please no meadows.)

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  1. Once I dreamed that I was snow skiing (which was weird because I'm no good at it). I looked up to see the snow on the mountains falling into an avalanche. I tried to outski it but it overtook me and I woke up.

    At the time, I'd been pressing myself to finish a rough draft I wanted to sent off in the fall (it was on summer break which made it even weirder about the snow).

    I figured I was too overwhelmed by my self-imposed deadline. So I lifted it until Spring and slept much better.

  2. Hehehe... I got quite a kick out of your first paragraph. It had me chuckling at my desk.

    I'm not sure I've had a dream related to writing. I tend to remember my dreams when I wake up and then they fade.

  3. Mr. Red Squiggle? LOL. I love it. Also, thank you for clarifying that you didn't want to pick brains in the zombie sense.

    Great job on yesterday's Flashy Fiction piece. Seriously, that was really awesome.

    I've had some weird dreams lately, but none that I can remember in enough detail to compare to writing. The ones I can remember relate to money--and debt--and they aren't cheery. My husband had a dream this week that we found another fireplace in our house that we'd never noticed before.

  4. Hi Girl! Can I call you Girl? I just got a lil' message from our girl Wendy that I NEEDED to check out your post today, and as you and I both know, Wendy knows where it's at, so I crawled out of my cave of unpluggability to take a peek at what you've been up to. GIRL you are so awesome! I can't believe I my blog may have made it into your subconscious in some vague way! :) Now technically I *could* have read this from my Blackberry and not cheated (even more than I already had), but my Blackberry doesn't allow me to respond to blog posts that I haven't clicked "subscribe by email" to on my actual laptop. I just wanted to have a "for the record" moment there.

    Now back to your blog (I have a vile habit of hijacking blogs. Please release the hounds if you see me doing this on your blog, Girl!), I adored your dream! I kept wondering what exactly was going on, but I didn't want to stop reading. Love it!

    And since I'm on my actual laptop (oh how I love thee, full-sized keyboard) I will keep this comment going and answer you question...

    Don't you hate it when... you haven't turned in finance reports for your daughter's Girl Scout troop and they're three months past due and you haven't balance them since May? I hate that too. It's the pits.

    I have to go now, and lead said Girl Scouts, which is hysterical because I was only a Brownie for like, two months before we moved and my mom was too lazy/busy to sign me up at my new school, but what-ever, here I am hijacking your blog again. I have my own, I promise!!

    Weird dream, weird dream... yes, I had one not long ago about our darling Wendy, and I have no time right now but it was interesting, and then about two nights ago I had another super-vivid dream about me and two other people (don't know who they are) out in the woods. A beautiful day, a perilous trail, lots of semi-fun obstacles including swinging across a river, then we had to climb a mountain and it became all snowy and quasi-scary, we were separated but kept in walky-talky contact (or maybe it was Blackberry?) and then were reunited, ramble ramble ramble. Gotta go, thanks for the awesome post today, and especially for the Coaster's shout out :)

  5. My dreams are extremely odd. I have them about the room I'm actually sleeping in, so when I wake up from sleep, I don't know whether I'm still asleep or if I'm awake? In the dream there's always something off in the room. IDK- strange.

    I also have them about celebrities. No RPattz unfortunately :( but I did have a George Clooney one.

    You're so funny- red squiggle and the not zombie sense, made me LOL, for real ;O) I had a little red squiggle with the word "unfortunately!"

    Hard to tell what dreams really mean. You really could say anything. I fall in my dreams too, and get chased, so does that mean I'm going to win the lottery or something? Maybe I had a Wendy's in a dream once. Maybe I just want the ultimate cheeseburger?? great post!

  6. Hi again GwOE, I'm back on the Blackberry and I shudder to think of what my first comment turned out to be. I was in a crazed rush to be at my daughter's school before the bell rang (did not succeed. 18 scouts--3 absent--all going wild outside the conference room). I don't know what's worse, frazzled messages on a full-sized keyboard or Blackberry messages when I have a moment to breathe... but of course, no Mr. Red Squiggle since there is no spellcheck on Blackberry. Ha!

  7. You should have been a psychologist--that's some awesome dream interpreting there.

    I don't think I've had a dream related to writing either. I have had loss of sleep related to writing though :)

  8. Sorry I didn’t respond t anyone yesterday but I am doing a kind of half unplugged thing. Where I jump on, do my post and read posts for one hour in the morning, read any comments emailed to me then but can’t respond to posts until later that night. Ok, maybe that’s like three quarters unplugged but I’m trying.

    Catherine – I dream about flying all the time (which is weird because I’m no good at it) he he. Look at you dream interpreter for recognizing what your dream symbolized. I don‘t have a deadline so may I should, huh.

    Stephanie – I have to admit, I read my first paragraph a couple of times to make sure it made sense…but it didn’t and that was kind of the point so I laughed too.

    Wendy - Mr. R. Squiggle loves me, a lot. He’s always hanging around while I’m working. We’ve kind of got this thing going on between us you know. Thanks for your complements on my flashy fiction piece. I am passionate about Native Americans and their story always breaks my heart. Actually that other book I’m working on, on the side, is about Native Americans so I let that inspire me.
    PS. Thanks for telling Diana to check me out today, (Do these jeans make my butt look fat?)

    Diana – Girl you doo likes the blog hijack thing. It’s cool. When I see hijacking I think, wow this must be a good read, mmm. (hold ON, gotta go get my coffee) I feel so flattered that you broke all the rules just to stop by, you better be careful though, you’re going to get tendonitis of the thumbs by the end of the week. Take Girl Scout and replace with PTA and take balance and replace with PTA crap and ba-da-bing ba-da-boom, I’m right there with you. It is the pits. Like Troll after a long jog arm pits. And your dream, sounds like you need to take an adventure vacation with all the hiking, swimming and mountain climbing. And don’t worry about rushing out at the end of the post, life happens I get it.

    Erica – In the room you’re in? I’m stumped. Maybe you are not actually dreaming. Maybe you are having an out of body experience?? Cool. I had a dream about RPattz once never got past first base, doh. Gary Sinese, too. (I know he’s not all that but he was in my dream, *snaps*) You could interpret dreams any way you wanted, kind of like your horoscope.

    Annnd she’s back. Hi Diana again.

    Natalie – Funny story, well not funny like ha ha but odd that you mentioned being a psychologist. You see I have four years of college under my belt with no degree. I went to school to be an elementary school teacher with a minor in art and psychology. When I started to do my student teaching I realized I didn’t like children….so….um yeah, exactly I changed my major to psychology and then life happened and I never went back to finish. Oh you’ve had dreams about writing; you just didn’t have me there to interpret them for you.

  9. Hi again Gir (with one eye), I can't help but notice we're both California girls, and we're both up and blogging at five in the morning. What's up with that?

  10. It's called kids and this is the only time I have two seconds of quiet to myself.

    You in CA, for shame I did not know it, where 'bouts?

  11. You can call me GwOE, Wendy does or Gw/1i if you're felling really trendy.

  12. Kids. That's my reason too.I'm in southern Cali, LA actually. The good thing about living in a county with the world's sixth or seventh largest economy is, I suppose it's okay announcing it on a pubic blog, ha ha.

    So you're an "involved" mom too? I don't know how you got wrangled into it, by choice or design, but the more things I help out with, the more people seem to think I'm willing to help... it sure is a ton of work. Pretty soon I'll need a nanny just so I have time to take care of the kids.

    Anyway, GwOE (thanks, that helps), I hope you have a lovely, partially unplugged day :)

  13. Hey, I saw on an earlier blog post that you recently completed your ms. When you're ready, I would be happy to take a look at the first chapter if you'd like an opinion on it. Let me know:
    dianap698 (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. AAHHHHHHHH!!!!! i just finished the first chapter, well actually I axed the first chapter and second chapter became numero uno and I just finished revising that but would LOVE to have your read it. And I'd be happy to reciprocate too. I will email you later.

  15. Sweet. I should have warned that I'm slightly brutal, but not gratuitously brutal. I just read it as if I had no former acquaintanceship with the person... Like an agent or random bookbuyer someday might (this being the goal, eh?). If you're still at the cheerleader stage and want to wait, I understand. Otherwise, I look forward to having a peek... Bwahahahaa! Ahem. Ttyl!


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