Don't you hate it when...

…the car of the roller coaster you're riding comes flying off the rails and lands in the bushes.  So you get out of the coaster car to go complain to management and you end up having to go through the side bushes, down a Chicago back alley where you almost get mugged and through an office building where a seminar is in progress and out front to the Japanese restaurant where it all started.  And you realize, hey this isn't the same Japanese restaurant I got on this roller coaster, it's one of those chains.  Doh, I hate it when that happens!

If you're scratching your head well join the club.  This was the wacked out dream I had this morning.  It did get me to thinking; dreams are the subconscious manifestations of our worries.  (When they’re not about sparkly vampires and multimillion dollar books deals.)

At first I thought it was cool because I have been dreaming a lot more lately until I realized that dreaming means you're not getting a deep enough sleep. So, what did my dream symbolize?

One, the roller coaster, besides maybe Diane's blog is creeping into my, maybe, or I am  excited, obsessively excited with revising my WIP.  Like fixing all those pot holes I knew were there but kept trying to pretend they weren't.  The roller coaster symbolizes the wild ride I’m on while sometimes it can be exciting and fun it can also be scary.  (I just spelled scary with two r’s.  Are you sure Mr. Red Squiggle?  I thought…ok, whatever.)

Annnd we’re back.  Two, the dark Chicago alley (I don’t know why Chicago, I live in California and was born and raised in Tennessee.  Go figure.) represents the inner demon of self-doubt.  The doubt that constantly questions my ability, skill and reminds me that I am still just a squirrel, hanging out with a bunch of lions being a poser.  NOTE:  I made it through the back alley of my dream without getting mugged so maybe that is a good sign?

Three, the seminar I interrupted when I took a short cut from the back alley to the front street represents my burning desire to mingle with all the other lions, agents and what not in the business so I can pick some brains.  (not in the zombie sense)  And/Or it represents my equally strong desire to take a few writing classes.  Both I plan to do as soon as I find something in my neck of the woods (San Diego).

And lastly, the Japanese restaurant, besides being the secret entrance to all the really cool roller coaster rides, it represents my huge craving for sushi!  Man I haven’t had sushi in like ten days, I think I’m going into withdrawal.  Okay, you want something more philosophical right?  How about I feel lost, like I’m in a foreign country, when it comes to my writing.  .  .  .Nah, I want sushi.

So now your turn, give me your best “Don’t you hate it when fill in blank?”  or Tell me about your wacky dream that you related back to your writing.  (Please no meadows.)