Am I normal?

I mean let’s be realistic, if I ask that on my FB page I’m opening myself up to a lot of sarcastic comments (I have the power of delete though).   The “normal” I’m referring to is what all writers go through, I hope.    So here’s a list of what I do and I need to know if you do it too?

Am I normal…

…to procrastinate finishing the last chapter of my book?  I am two thousand words away and I can’t find two seconds to finish.  My god man, “getter done!”

…because I’m totally freaking out/obsessing that my book is ending in the right place?  I have a potential series here so where do I stop?

…if I can visualize every character, except my main man?  I see every character in my book clearly, like a photograph, minus the love interest.  He’s a main character for god’s sakes, I can describe every detail of his face but when he stands in front of me, it’s like his face goes all fuzzy.  You know when you have a dream and you can’t quite see their facial features, that’s him.  (Maybe I should look at him through my peripheral like Whitley Strieber has you do in Communion?  OMG, my main man is an alien! *gasp*)

…to feel schizophrenic?  One minute I think my book is a genius masterpiece and the next it’s total crap?

…to feel excited about editing, revising and rewriting my book?  When I look back on the early chapters I see some really good stuff followed by a lot of immature writing.  There will be a lot of work here but the potential is exciting.

…to have another book on the side that I give a little love to?  Shhh, I don’t want my main book on this computer to find out that I am cheating on it.

These are just few things that drive me crazy and I need to know if you writers out there experience the same.  Are you normal?