Acorns of Life

When the acorns of life are thrown at you, you have two choices:  catch them or get wacked in the head by them.  (I guess a third, less practical choice would be to catch the acorns and nail the psycho squirrel who is chunking them at you.)  This week I caught a lot of acorns.  Life just got in the way of my writing and I did not have any time to dedicate to my WIP.   I drop the kids off at school at 8am and I have to pick them up at 12pm, my time is short and valuable.  Here is my plan.

What I am not doing today….

I am not Feeding my kids.
I am not feeding the washer and dryer any more.   (Even though I have plenty of dirty clothes for it to snack on.  I swear our laundry basket is like the cup that runneth over, it never ends!)
I am not going to lunch with my friends.
I am not answering the phone.
I am not reading my emails.
I am not reading any blogs, until after noon.  I hope.
I am not reading any blog comments (especially my own, you peeps are da bomb but not ‘til noon)
I am not going to boxing class today.  (That really bums me but I went to the gym every day since Saturday, I need a break plus I visited my evil trainer twice this week so he could beat me to a pile of pulp.)

What I am doing today…

Ok fine, I’ll feed the kids but this is the last time.
I am finishing my WIP.  
I am finishing my WIP.    
I am finishing my WIP.  
I am finishing my WIP.  

Yes, I am willing it so.  Four hours should plenty of time to write the last 2000 words right?  Oh, I don’t know I’m nervous.  Distractions happen.