Acorns of Life

November 13, 2009

When the acorns of life are thrown at you, you have two choices:  catch them or get wacked in the head by them.  (I guess a third, less practical choice would be to catch the acorns and nail the psycho squirrel who is chunking them at you.)  This week I caught a lot of acorns.  Life just got in the way of my writing and I did not have any time to dedicate to my WIP.   I drop the kids off at school at 8am and I have to pick them up at 12pm, my time is short and valuable.  Here is my plan.

What I am not doing today….

I am not Feeding my kids.
I am not feeding the washer and dryer any more.   (Even though I have plenty of dirty clothes for it to snack on.  I swear our laundry basket is like the cup that runneth over, it never ends!)
I am not going to lunch with my friends.
I am not answering the phone.
I am not reading my emails.
I am not reading any blogs, until after noon.  I hope.
I am not reading any blog comments (especially my own, you peeps are da bomb but not ‘til noon)
I am not going to boxing class today.  (That really bums me but I went to the gym every day since Saturday, I need a break plus I visited my evil trainer twice this week so he could beat me to a pile of pulp.)

What I am doing today…

Ok fine, I’ll feed the kids but this is the last time.
I am finishing my WIP.  
I am finishing my WIP.    
I am finishing my WIP.  
I am finishing my WIP.  

Yes, I am willing it so.  Four hours should plenty of time to write the last 2000 words right?  Oh, I don’t know I’m nervous.  Distractions happen.

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  1. Realizing you won't see this before noon...

    Good for you. And make those stinking kids walk for once. And who says they need to eat? Give yourself a few more hours. Occupy the kids with laundry duties.

    Good luck.

  2. I vote for nailing the psycho squirrel!

    Just pull out a carton of ice cream for lunch. That has milk and milk is protein, right?

  3. I hear ya! So easy to let distractions take over and get nothing accomplished! Good for you! and cool that you box!

  4. Oh, yay for you! I hope it flowed. Now, are you loving the feeling of being finished?

  5. Four hours is definitely enough time to put 2000 words in. You CAN do it. Believe in yourself. Close all other windows than your manuscripts word doc and write on!

    I love the look of your blog, too!!!!

  6. Matt - Oh yeah, and the need to get a job and start paying rent too!

    Catherine - Yes it does have protein! Smart thinking. I was thinking bowl of cornflakes next to the kibble but this is better.

    Terry - Distractions are like evil pets, always needing something. I love boxing, stay fit and get our my aggressions.

    Anissa - it did flow like a river and ...i still didn't finish.

    Eileen - So I put in 2000, then another 1000 freaking A, I wish my characters would shut up already. I think I can shut them up in 500 more words.


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