Why A Squirrel Amongst Lions?

5:42am, when I assume all lovers of script pull up their favorite chair with a warm cup of gold and kiss the keys of their glowing laptop. That's what I do. So today I lay my manuscript to the side and start a blog, something I never understood before but now feel the need to do.

For the last year I have been writing a book, which it should not have taken me a year but I am a mother and a wife first, but now the last few chapters are falling into place. From the advice of a soon to be published friend, who wrote a nonfiction how to for teachers, I should already be sending out my query (she called it another big fancy name that scared the shit out of me and I have obviously blocked it from my memory). Don't worry, I am well aware that all fiction writers must have a complete manuscript before they query an agent.

So I began to research what to write to an agent, and the magical word query kept popping up. Once I dove into the world of queries I realized two things. One, I need to create an account of my journey from passion to print because secondly, I am a squirrel amongst lions.

Let me explain myself. If the blood, sweat and tears that I have already put into my book were not enough, I just realized that I am only at the beginning of something and now I must revise, rewrite and reedit.

I would suggest that all amateur writers finish their book or at least be more than half way and then create the ominous query letter, I said create not send. This letter should sell your book, in one short paragraph, to some lucky agent. OMG, this will never happen. It's not easy. As a matter of fact it's darn close to a suicide letter. But...there are plenty of blogs and websites out there to help you out and searching through the lot of them I realized that I am about to begin a long journey, one that I never want to forget. So to make record of that journey I started my blog, A Squirrel Amongst Lions.

I know, my blog title doesn't make sense to you. Why not 'From Cub to Lion' to show my growth as a writer, or 'Daniel in the Lions Den', to show my survival as a writer, or 'A Lamb Amongst Lions' to show the peace on earth as an accomplished writer. Here though, in the lion's den (aka agent's slush pile) I am, at least for now, a squirrel. Something totally out of place. Write a book, what the hell was I thinking?

I never understood the purpose, or better yet, the desire for blogging. Every writer does it. Do they like to hear themselves talk? Okay, maybe a little but that's only the guarantee of one audience member. To be honest, I'm okay with that because my need to document my trials and tribulations as an amateur writer is more important than entertaining the masses. I need to know I've grown as a writer and I need to see the path that took me there. So fine, I'll blog.