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October 30, 2009

It's an amazing fascinating whirlwind place to be with phenomenal writers who share the simplest parts of their life that make me giggle.  Seriously, there are a lot of witty people out there just waiting for the world to discover them.  So this week I have done one of two things; read blogs or battle the html code to redo my blog.

Notice the zero writing.  Yeah, me too.

As a stay at home mother I get about fifteen hours a week writing, twenty if my husband lets me work on the weekend.  Time is of the essence and I spent that time, this week, buffing up on what accomplished writers do.  (So see, I worked just not on my novel.) 

So I read some blogs on procrastination, yes I know, **insert whining voice here** but I found some really good posts that truly helped me out.  Blogs about goal mapping, making a writer’s to do list and how to make the most out of twenty minute writing blocks of time.

After I panicked, I created a list of to do’s for myself.  This list is to get me from Point A (passion) to Point B (print).  So here it is.  Feel free to let me know what I might have left out.

Things to do…
1.                 Finish novel  Stop reading blogs
2.                 Stop writing blogs
3.                 Finish novel
4.                 Complete the three R’s: Revise, Rewrite and Redact novel (I love this word, it makes me feel…professional)
5.                 Draft a query letter
6.                 Join critique group
7.                 Redact J again, polish and spit shine
8.                 Scowl at the query draft over in the corner
9.                 Attend writing classes, workshops, conferences; network with authors, writers and agents
10.             Buy and read book about query letters
11.             Write query letter with confidence *she says as an affirmation*
12.             Research agents and agencies
13.             Mail off query
14.             Wait
15.             Wait
16.             Wait
17.             Sign with Agent
18.             Do step 7 again
19.             Find publisher, step 7
20.             Done, you have finally arrived, open champaign

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  1. I like your new blog look! I tried to comment on the old one the other day, but you must have been working on it. I love your blog title... because squirrels and lions rock! Now stop reading this comment and go finish your novel!! :)

  2. I love this look for the blog! It's one of the ones I had on my shortlist for the background on my travel blog. It's so cheerful & fun *g*

    A good blog to give you an idea of what authors do once they've 'made it' is the Deadline Dames - authors including Keri Arthur & Rachel Vincent talk about various things they are up to and give out a lot of very helpful advice to aspiring writers. Deadline Dames site

  3. Snarf. I'm so happy to be able to comment now too! My to do list is pretty much a constant repetition of your #1.

    Stop reading blogs.
    No, really. Stop reading them.
    I mean it this time.
    Et cetera, et cetera.

  4. Glad you all like my new blog look, my brain hurts after working the html.

    Valerie - glad you like my title, it just fits me (and my lack of confidence)

    gapy...-I always love finding new blogs so I will check it out and see what my future entails :)

    Carrie - it's an addiction, seriously my next blog might be "Bloggers Anonymous - How to kick the habit."


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