Blog Lovin' All Around!

Hurry up because there are lots and lots of blog contests out there so, here I am making a shameless plug trying to get me some free lovin's.
There are tons more...check out Shooting Stars to see a list.


  1. Thanks for the blog shout out!! That gets you an extra pointsie! :)

  2. Hope you will also enter my contest! Wonderful idea!

  3. I heard about 'Free Lovin' girls like you!! :)

    Thanks for pointing in my direction. Extra 'Lovin' for you.

  4. Sheep racing - gotta be English.
    I've recently finished "Left Hand of God" Paul Hoffman - loved so much about the concept and the characters.
    Could I offer TigerLily from La Roux's album - I'm playing it on a loop with Glasvegas's Sad Light. :)

  5. That picture cracks me up! And thanks for posting my contest! :D

  6. I may do a contest here from my blog soon, but only the kind that requires actual participation

    There's a lot of raffle's going on out there in the blog world, under the guise of a contest... There is a difference :P

  7. Glad to help out with the links. Free Lovin’ all around, on Mr. Hammons. The sheep pic was too funny couldn't pass it up but nay, I am not English (TN born 'n bred). Thanks for posting the linkage Elaine. Nity Nite all!


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