They're so nice, they love me twice.

The "One Lovely Blog Award," it never gets old to be loved.  Laurel over at Laurel's Leaves gave me this fantastic award and now I have received it for the second time.  I think it's the greatest form of flattery.  She has a sweet little gig going on over there with her blog and I recently joined it after she gave me some very helpful advice in the comments of one of my posts, Exercise in Dialogue.  (Thanks, little lady.)


  1. I love you twice too--just for the record.

    And now it's awkward between us, but I don't care. Muah! Muah!

  2. Double love is always nice, isn't it? You're most welcome.

    I have to laugh because I liked one of the lines I wrote in that "helpful advice" comment so much I used it again in my No-Kiss Blogfest story. As far as I know it's impossible to plagiarize oneself, right? :-)

  3. Double congrats! You deserve it twice :)

  4. Aw thanks guys. I'm only as fabulous as those who inspire me.


Love hearing from my friends.♥