Follower Fairy

Have you seen her?  I'm sure you all have.  Every blog I see I find her pixie face smiling back.  She comes around when your followers are way below twenty and once she visits....magically more people start to follow you.  Many more!  She's like the Tooth Fairy but instead of bringing your quarters, she brings you followers.

Some people call her Elana Johnson others call her the Query Ninja either way she's all over the blogosphere bringing awareness to the little people.  Thanks Elana!


  1. Aww that was cute. Elana is great. I can totally see her hangin' with the little magical folk. ;)
    Karen’s Blog

  2. How very kind of you. Yes, I've heard of her and she's runs one of the regular blogs I follow.

    Good stuff.

  3. Thanks for all the comments/feedback on my recent posts. I feel the love :)

  4. Shannon - she is the Queen! Pretty cool chick from what I read.

    Void - I love reading your blog most especially because they're quick reads packed full of thought provoking good stuff. Anytime doll.


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